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Looking to understand youth and mental illness in KY or TN

by Morgan Walker | Feb 4th

I am a documentary filmaker in Bowling Green, Kentucky - I would love to talk to anyone in this area (Nashville, Lexington, Louisville, or anywhere in between) who have experience with youth and mental illness (specifically schizophrenia and around ages 14-17) My partner and I are wanting to do a short documentary about the day to day life and relationship of a young person and their caretaker (ie mom, dad, sibling, etc) How does this affect the relationship and the seemingly "normal" day to ...

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Alcohol and Mental Health Conditions

by SofU Admin | Nov 7th

Alcohol is a seemingly normal part of a young adult’s life. It’s available at parties, and after the age of 21, it’s present at every bar and restaurant. It’s “normal” to go to a party and have a few drinks or to meet friends at a bar on Friday night. But for young adults living with mental health conditions, what’s “normal” isn’t always what’s best. Alcohol can have a negative effect on anyone’s life. The majority of people...

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Fall's Here!

by SofU Admin | Nov 2nd

We love fall at! Even though it's already starting to feel like winter in some parts of the country, we're really excited for fall here in Virginia! We get to wear our favorite sweaters, drink apple cider and watch the leaves change colors. What are your favorite things about fall?

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Her Invisible People

by MelissaMT | Sep 11th

I arrive early to the home of my first client of the week.  I am greeted by her daughter, a senior citizen herself, who is visibly sleep-deprived and distraught.   She explains that her mother has been up all night and the dementia is worse than ever.  She describes this stage as a whole new dimension, one of visions and voices, erratic mood swings and lack of sleep.   “Mom has been talking to people who aren’t there.  She thinks there is a stairway ...

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by SofU Admin

Having loving, supportive relationships is important in life. They increase our enjoyment of life and help us feel connected. Relationships can also help reduce stress and improve our physical and mental health. Having good, positive relationships is especially helpful when we have a bad day, week, month or even year. They can prove to be a life line in difficult times. Needless to say, relationships are a great source of comfort, support and reasons to feel good about ourselves, regardless of what is going on. Use this discussion group and its resources to learn more about making and keeping friends, dating and establishing healthy, intimate relationships.  

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by SofU Admin

This is the place to be to send and receive positive vibes! #ThinkPositive is a social media campaign created by us to inspire young adults experiencing mental health issues to stay strong and think positive. We hope the #ThinkPositive project reminds you that you are loved, there is hope and you are not alone in your struggles. We are in this together! Check out the Get Involved with the #ThinkPositive Project tip sheet to learn about the many ways you can get involved with this movement beyond! We will be posting #ThinkPositive content here regularily so check back often, especially when you are in need of a smile. :) Feel free to also post your own positive content here. P.S. If you aren't logged in to this site, you cannot see the posts made by users in this group so please register and sign in to join the conversation!

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Bipolar Disorder

by Jon

Support group for those diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  An easy place to chat and discuss the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder, engage with other members to combat the feeling of isolation, and a place to laugh about the situations we've put ourselves in.  Friends and family members of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder (or manic-depressive/bipolar affective disorder) are also welcome.

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