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Tips for keeping your New's Years resolution

Here are some ways to help you follow through on your New Year’s resolutions and other goals that you set throughout the year.

Be Realistic.

Your goal might be to exercise more often, but going from not exercising at all to running three miles every day might not be the best way to begin. Start by running short distances a few days a week. This way, you’re less likely to get burnt out and more likely to keep exercising long-term.

Have a support system.

Telling your family and friends your goals will make you more likely to follow through. You may even be able to work together to achieve them, which is much more fun than doing it alone!

It’s okay to slip up.

Learn from your setbacks and keep moving. How can you avoid them next time? Start fresh tomorrow and don’t give up.

Reward Yourself.

Celebrate the small successes in reaching your goal. Take yourself to a movie or let yourself sleep in late one morning. Every milestone counts—not just the big ones.

Give it time.

It takes a few weeks before an action becomes a habit, so don’t be discouraged if things are hard the first week or two. Remind yourself that you can do and keep pushing on!


What are you New Year’s resolutions?

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday and can’t wait to catch up in the New Year!


  • Wesley Dec 30th

    Too be honest, my New Year's Resolution is to stay out the mental hospital. I could say lose weight, excercise, and eat better, but I know myself too well. I just can't let my family go through what it went through this past year.