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Vent This: Depression

Hey, guys! 

I asked you what you would like to discuss most and it seems like depression is the winner. Any time this week, post a comment below about depression. You can write about personal experiences, stories, statistics, what's concerning to you, or what we can do to lessen the burden of depression! 

Remember, this is an open and safe place where your opinions are valued and will not be criticized. So, speak up and tell us what you think!


  • Wesley Mar 4th

    One drug company came up with the phrase "Depression Hurts" and I could not agree with them more. Depression hurts. Depression sucks. Depression kills. One of the most depressing things that happened to me was not getting a job after college. I was on the high of graduating (took me ten years) for a few months, then reality set in. I needed a job. I went to school for special education. I didn't really pound the pavement too hard but I did apply to the school district and never heard shit. There are a lot of men and women trying to become teachers but the jobs just aren't there at this time, at least where I live. Not to mention, special education is one of the most difficult teaching jobs there is and honestly I don't know if I could ever handle it.

    My parents and psychologist did what they could and now I'm on SSI. I never asked for it, but with my many hospitalizations including the longest one ever last year, I qualified for it. 

    Friends, the saying is "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade." Life has dealt me a lot of lemons and sometimes I get sad, whether the job situation or not having a girlfriend, or dealing with my weight. The best thing I can do is soldier on and try to help somebody in the process.

    God Bless.


  • meggonsalves Mar 7th


    Thanks so much for your contribution. Your positive outlook on life is inspiring.

    Keep trying your best and remember that you aren't alone in this battle.