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Managing Sexual Dysfunction and Hypersexuality

Sexual dysfunction as a result of medication use and hypersexuality as a symptom of bipolar disorder are issues some young adults living with a mental health condition may experience that can have a huge impact on their lives and relationships . Check out these FAQs on sexual dysfunction and hypersexuality from young adults. This section includes information on strategies to manage sexual dysfunction and hypersexuality, talking to your health care provider about these issues and how to communicate with your partner about about your sexuality.

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What are typical sexual dysfunctions experienced by young adults within different medication classes (e.g., mood stablizers, stimulants, antipsychotics, and antidepressants)?

What are some strategies to help minimize sexual dysfunction related to medication use?

How can I best approach the topic of sexual dysfunction with my health care provider?

What mental health condition is hypersexuality most often associated with?

What strategies can I use if I am experiencing hypersexuality?

What are general strategies for approaching the topic of sexual dysfunction or hypersexuality with my partner?